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Turntable HitsHave you been asking yourself where’s Geno, what the hell happened to Michellini?  I want to Bang the Drum! I need some real funnies.  Well folks, Los Angeles radio legend Geno Michellini is alive and well, and on the internet. Geno Michellini's Turntable Hits broadcasts every single Friday, on the Flying Eye Radio Network playing every color in the musical rainbow.  There was a time when the turntable was king and many of the real musical gems were in the deep recesses of those albums that spun on the platter, and those gems could be heard on stations like KMEL & KOME in the bay area.  It is what FM radio once was, and will never be again. It is the music you turned on the black light and turned up the volume.  You say you want to Bang the Drum!  Have no fear Geno is here.  What better way to end your week?!?! It is easy to subscribe to the podcasts.

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11/05/2010 Turntablehits Vol 26 "one For The Misfits"
New music from ERIC CLAPTON,ELTON JOHN & LEON RUSSELL,TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS,ARCDADE FIRE/Comedy from LARRY MILLER & RICHARD JENI/A tribute to LIARS/Two of the great voices to every record a rock n roll song/BANG THE DRUM Party set/Gems from the Rock n Roll Gold Mine that you no longer hear on FM radio.
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10/29/2010 "geno Michellini Has Risen From The Grave, A Celebration Of The Scariest Time Of The Year, And Halloween Too"
It's the Freaker's Ball with tributes to THE DEAD,VAMPIRES,WHEREWOLVES,MUMMYS,and other scary things too/a new album from Elton John & Leon Russell/comedy from Kenny Rogerson (tips on how to get even after you're dead),Eddie Izzard (on Vampire Movies)/A very Halloweeny Bang the Drum Set and music that doesn't get played on FM radio anymore.
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10/22/2010 Turntablehits Vol 24 "surfin' In A Hurricane"
This week's show features more from Eric Clapton's great new cd/Also music from the new Blackberry Smoke, Jimmy Buffett and Black Keys cds/STEVE MCGREW on America's Stupidest People/JACK MAYBERRY on the qualifications to get into Hell/Musical threads from Steve Winwood and Peter Gabriel/ IT'S HURRICANE SEASON, prepare to get blown away/DIFFERENT SHADES OF THE BLUES/'BANG THE DRUM'/and music you don't hear on the radio anymore.
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10/15/2010 The "love A Teacher, You Might Learn Somethin" Show
This Ain't the Stairway to Heaven?!!/"CLAPTON"/Give your teacher a raise/Comedy from KENNY ROGERSON & RODNEY DANGERFIELD/A JOE WALSH Moment/"More GARY,Moore that is"/BANG THE DRUM,Every Beaver Builds a Dam,Everything is Broken,It's a Piece Crap,Is it Five O' Clock yet?/The entire rainbow of Rock n Roll colors!!
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10/08/2010 Turntablehits Vol 22 "the 'so You Think You Know Joe' Show"
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10/01/2010 Turntablehits Vol 21, "how To Get High On Life"
NEW Music from ERIC CLAPTON,JERRY LEE LEWIS wRON WOOD,ARCADE FIRE,DEREK TRUCKS/How to stay cool/The Wonderful World of Smut/Ollie Joe Prater explores the world of power tools(for women)/GOD'S OWN DRUNK/Getting to know Joe Walsh/'BANG THE DRUM'
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09/24/2010 Turntablehits Vol 20, "fun With Monkeys & Other Musical Adventures"
This weeks show features new music from Jerry Lee Lewis w/John Fogerty, Derek Trucks, Los Lobos and Arcade Fire/ Comedy from The National Lampoon, Mack & Jamie & Chris Rush/Why Everybody Scores at a Monkey Party/ Bang the Drum & lots of rock n' roll that doesn't get played on the radio including live tracks, alternate versions and the full rainbow of rock n' roll colors.
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09/17/2010 Turntablehits Vol 19 "men Are Pigs, The Celebration"
This week we've got TIM ALLEN & KATHLEEN MADIGAN/ New music from LOS LOBOS, ARCADE FIRE, DEREK TRUCKS (LIVE), A NEW CD FROM 'THE KILLER' WITH EVERYBODY IN THE WIDE WIDE WORLD OF ROCK IN ROLL ON IT!/ "Down The Boulevard" (a new band from Vegas)/ We'll be hearing from JAAAAACK/ News of a 'big trade' in Rock n Roll/ Goin' south of the border with Carlos and Willie for some SPANISH GREASE and GUACAMOLE/ "BANG THE DRUM" (it's the I ain't never had too much fun set)!
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09/10/2010 Turntablehits Vol 18 "i'm Geno, Fly Me/the Electric Football"
"Holes"/New music from Peter Gabriel,Derek Trucks,Arcade Fire/Going to the doctor with Dennis Wolfberg,Flying with Richard Jeni,"Oh My Gawd It's Football Season!"/Ray Davies,"The Story Teller Pt deux"/BANG THE DRUM/We say goodbye to 'another one'
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09/03/2010 Turntablehits Vol 17 "heeeeere's"
I big show need a big opening, sort of/ Ray Davies, The Story Teller/ "What's your sign say?"/comedy from 'The Blue Collar Boys',Mark Eddie,Craig "The Lovemaster" Shoemaker,Mary Ellen Hooper/"BANG THE DRUM"
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08/27/2010 Turntablehits Vol 16 "Feel The Heat"
'How hot is it?'/Who built the Capitol Tower?/Texas Lightning/Comedy from Mudflap and Ron Shock/"IT'S on the Ballot again!!/Bang the Drum!!
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08/20/2010 Turntablehits Vol 15 "this One's For Richie"
"THIS ONE'S FOR RICHIE"-Audio memories ON AIR AND ON STAGE of a 'great musician and friend from Geno's archives'/"Give Me a Friggin' Cheeze Burger!!, New comedy from Ron Shock, Led Zeppelin for Bud/'The Fight at Fenway' Battle of the Boston Bands/BANG THE DRUM!!
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08/13/2010 Turntablehits Vol 14 'it Still Sucks Out There"
Ain't That a Bitch, Oh my God, It's Dr Gonzo!,Fuck You,Just listen to the show, Yes, we bang the drum.
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08/06/2010 It's A "jungle Out There/beware Of The Lizard"
Wolf is back!/New music from John Hiatt/One for Willie,it's Wolf's fault/Bill Engavll, a villain?/Stephanie Hodge likes the jungle/Get your vine ready/A "Head" set/BANG THE DRUM!/The first tape I ever played on the funnies,'Star Date-80610'
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07/30/2010 "the Ajax Radio Show Aka 'sweet Relief', The Recovery"
Ode to the WORKING MAN (and Woman)/Sir Paul hits on the first lady/The Golden Age of Radio Comedy/up in "Blackberry Smoke"/ "Sweet Relief" (party til the cops show up,and they did)/"Who the f@*k is ALICE?"/BANG THE DRUM.
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07/23/2010 Turntablehits Vol 11 "you Can't See Tits On The Radio"
"You Can't See Tits On The Radio"/Comedy from Rocky LaPorte,Bill Murray,Bobby Collins/A 'THREAD' from the Laid Back Rocker/"THE HUMP DAY SET" Returns/"BANG THE DRUM" w/Bob Marley,Nick Lowe,Bruce Springsteen & Def Lepard!
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07/16/2010 The Wide World Of Sports & Guitars
The Wide World of Sports & Guitars/ comedy from John Caponera, Chris Bliss & The Smothers Brothers/new music from John Mayer & Joe Bonamassa/Bang the Drum
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07/09/2010 "there's A New Sheriff In Town"
A look into the future/a tribute from Brian May/Bay Area Gold/The Knopfler Thread/comedy from Richard Jeni,Billy Connolly & Mark Eddie/A new band from Scotland/Preview of The Richie Hayward Benefit/BANG THE DRUM!
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07/02/2010 Turntablehits The "why Me" Show
Pursuing the answers to profound questions like "Why Me" & "What is a Blues Buster"/Ode to GROUPIES!/Ya wanna go fishin?/the KINKS are making a movie/The Golden Age "Brit's Blitz"/comedy from George Carlin, Mark Eddie & Brian Regan/BANG THE DRUM!
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06/25/2010 Turntablehits Lucky Number Seven
The 'Doctor' is in/Joe gets funky/Oh Africa/THUNDER ROAD 'The Thread'/Viva Lost Wages/One of the best Blues albums you never heard/BANG THE DRUM/COMEDY FROM Kathleen Madigan,Richard Jeni, John Pinette
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06/18/2010 Turntablehits 'the Six Pack'
Celebrating 'The Launch' Six orbits, What happens when The Allman Brothers meet Metallica, Rock n Roll Salute to MOTOWN, MAGIC returns to FM radio, comedy from Eddie Izzard, National Lampoon, Steve McGrew, Bang The DRUM, George Harrison's Last Song.
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06/11/2010 Turntablehits Vol 5
The Stairway to Cleveland/Santana ROX/I love westerns/Joe's War pt deux/Da Blues/Follow the Groove/Bang the Drum
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06/04/2010 The Pg Rated Edition
Vol 4 with comedy from Steve McGrew and Mark Eddie/Bang the Drum/Why the Beatles ARE the all time best
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05/28/2010 Turntable Hits-Vol 3
The MEMORIAL WEEKEND/HERE COMES SUMMER SHOW. Tribute to the troops/Les Paul/Bang the Drum
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05/19/2010 Turntable Hits-Vol 2
The adventure continues. The Show Must Go On, Tribute to Boz, That's right you're not from Texas, Connections, The World in Changes
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