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Turntable HitsHave you been asking yourself where’s Geno, what the hell happened to Michellini?  I want to Bang the Drum! I need some real funnies.  Well folks, Los Angeles radio legend Geno Michellini is alive and well, and on the internet. Geno Michellini's Turntable Hits broadcasts every single Friday, on the Flying Eye Radio Network playing every color in the musical rainbow.  There was a time when the turntable was king and many of the real musical gems were in the deep recesses of those albums that spun on the platter, and those gems could be heard on stations like KMEL & KOME in the bay area.  It is what FM radio once was, and will never be again. It is the music you turned on the black light and turned up the volume.  You say you want to Bang the Drum!  Have no fear Geno is here.  What better way to end your week?!?! It is easy to subscribe to the podcasts.

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05/13/2011 Tth Vol #51, "the Birthday Show" W/ George Carlin
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05/06/2011 Tth Vol 50, "this One's A Mother" W/jack Mayberry & Craig Shoemaker
"WE GOT HIM"/Flyingeye Funnies with EDDIE IZZARD, JACK MAYBERRY & CRAIG 'THE LOVEMASTER' SHOEMAKER/New music from Jeff Beck,Robbie Robertson & Joe Bonamassa/Guess Who's Playing a Private Party?/A Tribute to MOTHERS everywhere/Rock Notes and Forgettable Dates/BANG THE DRUM!/It's the tribute to what FM Radio used to be.
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04/29/2011 Tth Vol 49 -"turntablehits Goes To The Movies, R Rated"
This week's show has great new music/A Trip To The Movies/JOE WALSH, The Romantic/A GEORGE Moment, by George/FLYING EYE FUNNIES w KATHLEEN MADIGAN,JEFF CAESARIO & LARRY MILLER/Rock Notes and Forgettable Dates/BANG THE DRUM/A veritable plethora of songs you don't hear on the radio.
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04/22/2011 Turntablehits Vol 48, "save This!"
FLYINGEYE FUNNIES with MARK EDDIE,RUDY MORENO,GEORGE CARLIN & GEORGE LOPEZ/new music from ROBBIE ROBERTSON w/ERIC CLAPTON, JOE BONAMASSA w/JOHN HIATT, Grammy Award winners ARCADE FIRE/"IT's Earth Day, save something"/Rock Notes & Forgettable Dates/BANG THE DRUM!!/A veritable plethora of songs and artists you will only hear on TURNTABLEHITS. It's the show that's the tribute to FM Radio USED to be.
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04/15/2011 Turntablehits Vol 47 "god's Own Ipod"
New Music from ROBBIE ROBERTSON, JOE BONAMASSA, THE GRACIOUS FEW/"FLyingeye Funnies" with MARK EDDIE,RON SHOCK, DENNIS WOLFBERG & RICH SHYDNER/A trip to Paradise/Jimmy gets his own day/What does HE listen too?/Rock Notes and Forgettable Dates/The BANG THE DRUM PARTY SET/Great Rock N Roll that you don't hear on the radio.
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04/08/2011 Tth, Vol 46, "he Fell Off His What?"
This week: New Music from ROBBIE ROBBERTSON (w/Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood),JEFF BECK, BLACKBERRY SMOKE & JASON SINAY/The Flyingeye Funnies w-BILL HICKS, BILL ENGVALL & RICHARD JENI/Notable Rock Dates for this week, especially if you've done any space traveling/I hope it's a lovely cruise/You call that a fish?/How to beat a POT CONVICTION/BANG THE DRUM/A veritable plethora of great music you no longer hear on the radio.
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04/01/2011 Vol #45 "calling All Fools" W/dan St Paul, Chris Bliss & Paul Provenza
It's the ALL FOOL'S DAY SHOW w/George Carlin, Dan St. Paul, Chris Bliss and Paul Provenza/ a tribute to our national pastime and baseball too/new music and a trunkload of stuff from the glory days of FM radio including rare live tracks/the BANG THE DRUM Party set/notable rock dates for the week (and some they'd rather forget).
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03/25/2011 Tth Vol 44, "nothing But Lies, Honest"
The week's show contains great new music/The FLYINGEYE FUNNIES w/DR GONZO,STEVE MCGREW AND CHRIS RUSH/The answer to "Would I Lie?"/The impact of a legend/News about Fun Sunday/Notable Dates in Rock n Roll History (and some they'd rather forget)/The BANG THE DRUM party-attitude adjustment set for the weekend in your mind/A veritable trunkload of great songs,artists, and live cuts you no longer hear on the radio.
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03/18/2011 Vol 43, "turntable Hits Goes Green"
Flyingeye Funnies with the master George Carlin & Kathleen Madigan (they're Irish don't cha know)/more new music from Gregg Allman,Jeff Beck, Steely Dan & 'The Storyteller' Todd Snider/Great Irish bands and some that wish they were/Bang the Drum/Notable dates from this week in Rock n Roll history and some they'd rather forget/Mourning the loss of one of the greatest drummers who ever lived/A sackful of songs, artists and live versions that you don't hear on the radio anymore.
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03/11/2011 Vol 42, "the What Me Worry Show"
New cd's from JEFF BECK, GREGG ALLMAN, PETER WOLF & THE STORYTELLER/Take me back to MARDI GRAS/"So, Do You Worry A Lot? No Worries"/FLYINGEYE FUNNIES FROM HELL, Larry The Cable Guy, George Carlin,and some Python for giggles/Plus, remembering one of the funniest tv shows to ever air/Notable days in Rock n Roll History/BANG THE DRUM & a stack of songs, artists and versions you don't hear anymore.
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03/04/2011 Vol 41 "blame It On Louie Louie"
This week's show-New cd's from JEFF BECK,JIMMY BUFFETT,TODD SNIDER,PETER WOLF,BLACKBERRY SMOKE/a voice lesson from Joe Walsh/FLYINGEYE FUNNIES w/JEFF ALTMAN AND RON SHOCK/The BANG THE DRUM PARTY set/the Twisted Rock N Roll Almanac/a plethora of songs and artists you no longer hear on the radio.
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02/25/2011 Turntablehits Vol #40, "the Big Crash" On George's Birthday
This week's show has more new music from the STORYTELLER and others/ The world's greatest CRASH SONGS/an Ode to Great Southern Rockers/It's GEORGE'S BIRTHDAY/Flyingeye Funnies with STEVEN WRIGHT, BILL ENGVALL & DENNIS WOLFBERG/Our weekly BANG THE DRUM PARTY SET/ Notable Dates in Rock History and other useless information/ a veritable plethora of great songs and artists you don't hear much on the radio anymore.
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02/18/2011 Turntablehits Vol 39 "hello Earth, If That Is Your Real Name"
The great new cd from GREGG ALLMAN/"Live, The Storyteller" from TODD SNIDER/ARCADE FIRE won a Grammy!/FLYINGEYE FUNNIES w/Richard Pryor,Bill Hicks and John Wing/The Man In Black does Soundgarden!/'BANG THE DRUM' attitude adjustment set/A visit to the Planets, whatever they're called.
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02/11/2011 Turntablehits Vol 38 "this One's For Gary"
They made it to the Super Bowl and weren't the Black Eyed Peas/ Sky Diving Tips/New Music/ A Turntablehits Tribute to GARY MOORE/ Fun things to do on a plane/Notable Events in Rock n Roll History/ Beatles moments/The FLYINGEYE FUNNIES w/BLAKE CLARK (Harry the Hardware Guy)and VIC HENLEY (no, this isn't Jeff Foxworthy)/BANG THE DRUM party set!!
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02/04/2011 Vol 37 "of Course You Know This Means War"
New Music from JEFF BECK, Reliving a Bay Area Music Connection, More on the Grateful Dead Lookalike Contest,The Flying Eye Funnies with SPANKY & DENNIS WOLFBERG,Remembering a momentous day in Rock n Roll History and OTHER days too, The BANG THE DRUM SET, a veritable plethora of turntable hits. Of yeah and some Fresh Garbage too.
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01/28/2011 It's The "here's To Higher Edumacation" Show
The whole story on those football picks/Yes, we need Higher Edumacation/JIMMY, I thought you could fly!/How to make the cold HOT/new music from ERIC CLAPTON,BLACKBERRY SMOKE,JEREMIAH ROIKO,JIMMY BUFFETT/Laughs from BILL HICKS & STEVE(MUDFLAP)McGREW/The Flyingeye Funnies with ROCKY LAPORTE/Notable Events from the Rock n Roll Almanac/Yes, Dorothy, we will BANG THE DRUM/A veritable trunkload of TURNTABLEHITS.
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01/21/2011 Vol 35, Still Waiting For The Flashbacks
New music from LEON & ELTON,BLACKBERRY SMOKE,DEREK TRUCKS,THE BLACK KEYS,JIMMY BUFFETT STEELY DAN & hot newcomer JEREMIAH ROIKO/Laffs from the Archives,FLYINGEYE FUNNIES from BOBBY COLLINS & CRAIG SHOEMAKER/'So how're your football pics going?'/Special Rock n Roll Occasions/Grab your thongs, we're going Swimming/BANG THE DRUM!!
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01/14/2011 "it's A Party With Rodney"
Bay Area Rock n Roll History/New albums from Derek Trucks,Steely Dan,The Black Keys/Rock n Roll Birthdays and stuff/How to do 'IT' right/Flyingeye Funnies with J.J.Wall and John Mendoza/BANG THE DRUM Party set/The answer to the question 'Where You Been Geno'/The Show That's a Tribute to Rock n Roll Radio USED to be.
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01/07/2011 The Great Gonzo It's A New Year Show
New music from Steely Dan, Derek Trucks, The Black Keys/Why rooting for a crappy team is a GOOD thing/ Things I could do without in the new year/Things NOT to say to a woman from Tom Parks/ Dr GONZO on the Funnies/Our first BANG THE DRUM SET
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12/17/2010 The Holiday From The Hollerdays Show
What NOT to give for Christmas/New music/Gift wrapping suggestions from Kathleen Madigan/Holidays with the In Laws by Joe Yanetti/It's a holiday, hit somebody/An all time great album made better/BANG THE DRUM For the Hollerdays/A bagful of songs,mixes and artists you don't hear on the radio
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12/10/2010 "rembembering John Lennon And The Lost Weekend"
Some Holiday Costume Ideas/Staying up all night responsibly(?)/Great Voices Doing John's Music/Yes, I get suggestions/HARRY AND THE LOST WEEKEND/Lost Lennon Tapes/A musical tribute from the Archives/Suggestions on how to spend a million dollars/What If The Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?/The twisted, yet hilarious, mind of FRED GREENLEE(He's from Texas you know)/BANG THE DRUM Party Set/A masterpiece album MADE BETTER.
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12/03/2010 "the Word's Greatest Dope Story And Don't Call Me Shirley"
This week's show will have new music/a tribute to GREAT FIRST ALBUMS/Comedy from Red Foxx, Ron Shock & Leslie Neilson/ We're going Honky Tonkin,Texas Style/News on a new Rock Documentary about one of the greats/THE WORLD'S GREATEST DOPE STORY/ BANG THE DRUM!!/ A veritable plethora of songs, artists and mixes you don't hear on the radio anymore,"It's TURNTABLEHITS, THE TRIBUTE TO WHAT FM RADIO 'USED' TO BE!!
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11/24/2010 Vol 29 "the Turkeytablehits Holiday Block Party" Show
Blocks of TURNTABLEHITS by artists we're thankful for, A history of Thanksgiving from Stan Freberg and a special 'Bang the Drumstick GIVING YOU THE BIRD' set to kick off the holiday.
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11/19/2010 Vol 28 "does Your Head Spin Around, Baby"
Howlin' Wolf for Viagra/new CD'S from THE BLACK KEYS,ARCADE FIRE,THE GRACIOUS FEW/Twofer Whatever day you want it to be segment/Comedy from ADAM FERRARA & FRANKLYN AJAYE/Oh look, Scraps is a boy dog!/Celebrating 'LADIES NIGHT'/"BANG THE DRUM"/A Veritable Plethora of songs,mixes and artists you haven't heard since the days when FM Rock Radio ruled the airwaves.
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11/12/2010 Vol 27 "a Legendary Band Flies Again" And Other Great Stuff
Advise for fellow veteran's, how to deal with Daylight Savings 'Jet Lag'/ New music from the GRACIOUS FEW & ARCADE FIRE/ A great band reunited (and touring)/Laffs from Ron White & Richard Jeni/ BANG THE DRUM (attitude adjustment set)/ Songs, and versions of songs, you don't hear on the radio.
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