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Music Gumbo exquisitely prepared by Nobel Laureate, Andy Goldfinger, palease. This program offers the listener all the colors of the musical spectrum. You will hear it all here. A veritable potpourri of musical comestibles. The listener will hear a confluence of music that blurs all lines that exist, mixing jazz, reggae, classic rock and roll and country. Interviews with some interesting characters new and old. Requests for songs or sets are more than welcome. We will broadcast semi-live podcasts once a week. Music from the old vinyl recordings some of you may remember will emanate as we use the way back machine, so stay tuned. It is easy to subscribe to the podcasts.

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09/09/2010 A Potpourri of Musical Gumbo
New music from Sheryl Crow, Teresa James and Derek Trucks. Porn news from Berlin and a whole host of musical madness.
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09/02/2010 Back To The Real World
We return from our road trip with more new music from John Hiatt, Sheryl Crow, Teresa James and more... Plenty of local music from Romeo Delta, Jeremiah Roiko Band, Amilia K Spicer, King Cotton and news of the weird as well as concert info.
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08/26/2010 On The Road In Vail, Colorado - Jim Messina Interview
We are broadcasting from Vail, Colorado and this week we air our sit down with Jim Messina from a couple of weeks ago. New music from Sheryl Crow, great commentary from her. Also new music from Derek Trucks, Teresa James and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and much much more...
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08/19/2010 Tribute To Richie Hayward Our Fallen Drummer & Kenny Edwards & a Jim Messina Preview
This week marks the passing of one of the greatest drummers ever, period, Richie Hayward, founding member of Little Feat. It also sadly marks the passing of Kenny Edwards, founder of the Stone Pony and a tremendous guitar player. There is new music from Brian Ray and Jack Johnson, not to mention an entire set dedicated t Richie Hayward. Music from the Benefit Part Deux featuring Dallas Hodge (featuring Ringo Butts on drums), Amilia K. Spicer & Paul Barrere.
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08/12/2010 Music From All Corners
A whole bunch of new music from the likes of John Hiatt, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps, Blackberry Smoke and Jack Johnson. Plus music from Romeo Delta, Jason Sinay and the Mike Reilly Band fresh off their appearance in Alberta Canada. News of the weird from Pittsburgh.
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08/05/2010 New Music & More From The Richie Hayward Benefit Part Deux
This week finds us in the midst of a new music onslaught. We will hear from Mr. J Geils Peter Wolf, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Jim Messina, Brain Ray, John Hiatt and more. Local music from the Zen Blues Quartet, Romeo Delta and much much more. The joke of the week, Shaq signs with the Celtics. Cant wait for the Lakers to take them apart.
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07/22/2010 New Music Thursday, Richie Hayward Benefit Part Deux Info
A wide swath of musical diversity this week including new music from Jim Messina, Jack Johnson, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, John Hiatt & Peter Wolf. Itzhak Perlman and Oscar Peterson, music from Motown, EC & his affiliate, the Pharcyde and more... We'll hear from those participating in the Richie Hayward Benefit Part Deux; Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps, Mike Reilly Band, Dallas Hodge, Robert Heft and King Cotton.
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07/15/2010 A Tinge Of Country
A wide swath of musical comestibles including the likes of Yes, Jerry Reed, Merle Haggard, New Riders and Lyle Lovett to name a few. Then we have or Richie Hayward Benefit performers Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps, Jeremiah Roiko and Mike Reilly. New Music from Jim Messina and Brian Ray and Kanarek (who will be playing drums at the benefit).
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07/08/2010 Paul Barrere Interview
This week will feature an interview done Paul Barrere on June the 23rd before the Canyon Club show. Also featured this week artists that will be performing at the Richie Hayward Benefit, July 25th including Robert Heft, Dallas Hodge, Mike Reilly Band and Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps, not to mention Jake Shumabakuru, Muddy Waters, Zen Blues Quartet and more...
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07/01/2010 All Vinyl Podcast
From the depths of the vinyl archive fresh off the Little Feat soiree Last Sunday we will hear from the Notorious Byrds Brothers, the Melodians, Ricki Lee Jones, the Beatles, Tower of Power, Barefoot Jerry, Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun, Leon Redbone and more... There will also be an excerpt of the Paul Barrere interview that will be aired in its entirety next week.
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06/24/2010 Summer Is Upon Us and So Is Little Feat
Little Feat will be at the Canyon Club in Agoura Sunday the 27th of June, be there. Yours truly will be interviewing Paul Barrere. Lakers are World Champs again, yeee ha. All the Laker Haters can line up and kiss my arss. Great variety of music this week featuring Zen Blues Quartet, Peter Gabriel, Cake, Frank Sinatra, Branford Marsalis, Show Tunes Thursday, and more. News on the Richie Hayward Benefit Part Deux.
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06/17/2010 Gumbo For Your Ears
A whole cast of characters featuring the Eagles, J Geils, Santana, Counting Crows, New Jack Johnson, Jackson Browne David Lindley, ZZ Top and much much more. Local musicianship from Whitton, Kanarek, Jason Sinay, Romeo Delta, Zoomorphic and the Zen Blues Quartet. Tonight an NBA champion will be crowned as the Lakers and Celtics battle in Game 7 of the finals.
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06/10/2010 Post Red Rocks Euphoria
This week there is plenty of vinyl and live music to be eaten up. Music from Keb Mo, Dan Hicks, The Pretenders, the Police, Spinal Tap and more... The Dodgers are in first place and the Lakers lead 2-1 and look to go up 3-1 tonight. Local music from Whitton and Stunt Road.
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06/03/2010 Summer Is Most Definitely Under Way
Your rock n roll Dr Andrew Styne stirrin up the Musical Gumbo with local music from Romeo Delta, Mike Reilly, Zen Blues Quartet, Kataka Gara, Dallas Hodge and more. A Beatles 4 pack, Dire Straits (vinyl), New Jackson Browne and Mr Dave (live), Billy Joel (live) and more... Lakers and Celtics start tonight and it is Petty and the Heartbreakers tonight as well at REd Rocks.
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05/27/2010 Music From All Corners
This week features selections from Sublime (by request), Jimmy Cliff, ZZ Top, Frank Zappa and more. Stellar cuts from our local folks Whitton, Zen Blues Quartet, Kanarek, Mike Reilly Band and Teresa James. Live cuts from Bonnie Raitt, Ray Davies, Marshall Tucker Band and more. Lakers are tied 2-2 and looking lazy and the Dodgers are in first place.
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05/20/2010 Following In The Aftermath Of Michellini
Lots of Live music featuring the Blues Brothers, Tom Petty, Phish, Bonnie Raitt and more. Local music from Zen Blues Quartet, Whitton, Stunt Road, Brian Ray, Wildsteed and Dallas Hodge to name a few. Lakers take a 2-0 lead over the Suns and a Celtic showdown seems eminent, bring on the Laker haters. Dodgers on a 9 game wining streak.
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05/13/2010 A Wide Swath of Musical Comestibles
Music from all walks of life including Dr. John, Moody Blues, Dire Straits, Coco Montoya, Teresa James and our local folks Jason Sinay, Romeo Delta and Joey O. Not to mention the Scissor Sisters. Bring on the Laker haters as they have just swept through the second round on their way to the conference finals against Los Suns and the Cavs and King James on the verge of elimination by the Celtics.
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05/06/2010 A Potpourri of Musical Gumbo
Music from every possible genre this week featuring blues, reggae, jazz, country, hip hop it is all here. We'll hear from Matisyahu, Whitton, Jason Sinay, Keb Mo, New Riders and more... Special sets include all about walking and songs with the "F" Word in it.
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04/29/2010 A Wwide Swath Of Musical Gumbo For Your Listening Pleasure
More new music from Whitton and Mike Reilly Band. Songs of about or having to do with the sea, not what you would think. News of the weird from Jakarta "Police barred from penis enlargement" you have to hear it to believe it.
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04/22/2010 Brand New Music From A Host Of Artists
Great new music from Whitton, Kanarek, Kataka Gara and a host of others. Great contributions from our resident radio Legend including rare Great White in the East Coast Swing. More music from the Reilly's Road album featuring Gregg Allman.
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04/15/2010 A Wide Array Of Musical Comestibles
A wide spinning swath of music is cast featuring the likes of Whitton, the Zen Blues Quartet, the Mike Reilly Band, Romeo Delta, Jason Sinay and more. Showtunes Thursday featuring a selection from West Side Story.
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04/01/2010 New Artist, Whitton, Debuts This Week
This week will feature the debut of Whitton courtesy of our radio legend Michellini. More new music from the Zen Blues Quartet, Mike Reilly and the usual cast of characters.
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03/25/2010 A Little Jazzy With Some New Music
Hard to believe it has been 25 years since me pops has passed. A bit of the jazz this week, Miles Davis and Weather Report. Brand new addition the Zen Blues Quartet and a host of regulars featuring the Mike Reilly Band Teresa James, Tommy Dorsey and more...
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03/18/2010 All Live Music For Your Listening Pleasure
This week finds us partaking on a steady diet of live music featuring the likes of David Lindley, Bon Jovi, Bobby McFerrin, Tom Petty, The Dead Dogs, Commander Cody, Los Lonely Boys with help from Willie Nelson, and more... News of the world, "woman trades porn career for politics" coming to us from abroad.
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03/11/2010 Gumbo For Your Ears
An eclectic mix of synergies this week featuring music from the Ruby Suns, Dyke and the Blazers, Romeo Delta, Brian Ray and more... Kobe hits his 8th winning shot of the season. Contributions from our radio legend include Tower of Power, Los Amigos Invisble and Ray Davies.
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