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Robert Heft
Bottom Of The Blues
Featured Artist

The Mike Reilly Band
Reilly's Road
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Steel Toed Slippers
Steel Toed Slippers
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Dr. Tequila
Dr. Tequila's Rx For Fun
The Los Angeles Rams Were The First U.s. Football Team To Introduce Emblems On Their Helmets
A Pig's Orgasm Lasts For 30 Minutes
The Old English Word For "sneeze" Is "fneosan"
All Of The Clocks In Pulp Fiction Are Stuck On 4:20
The First Ford Cars Had Dodge Engines
I Feel The Same Way About Disco As I Do About Herpes (Hunter S. Thompson)
Politics Is The Art Of Controlling Your Environment (Hunter S. Thompson)

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Barron Law Offices
Paul Barrere solo effort
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The Flying Eye Radio Network is a philosophy where all music can co-mingle, coexist, and live happily in one place. We are the antidote to Commercial radio. There is no one saying this can be played and this cant. If we like it you can expect to hear it. If we think you will like it you will hear it. The unsigned local musician is often the gem that no one will hear except on the Flying Eye. You will hear NEW MUSIC, obscure, vinyl, there are no limits. All the colors of the musical spectrum will be presented, and EVERYONE picks their own music. Looking for Michellini, you have come to the right place! The Turntable Hits archives, Hosted by Geno Michellini are here. Dusty Street, yep, she's here from time to time!   

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