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Music Gumbo exquisitely prepared by Nobel Laureate, Andy Goldfinger, palease. This program offers the listener all the colors of the musical spectrum. You will hear it all here. A veritable potpourri of musical comestibles. The listener will hear a confluence of music that blurs all lines that exist, mixing jazz, reggae, classic rock and roll and country. Interviews with some interesting characters new and old. Requests for songs or sets are more than welcome. We will broadcast semi-live podcasts once a week. Music from the old vinyl recordings some of you may remember will emanate as we use the way back machine, so stay tuned. It is easy to subscribe to the podcasts.

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06/01/2007 Inaugural Broadcast of the Flying Eye Radio Network
Initial broadcast of the Flying Eye Radio Network after an 18 year hiatus. This week features a one hour tour to wet your appetite with an eclectic set list sure to astound.
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03/28/2008 Welcome To Paris France
Coming to you direct from Paris France. The Flying Eye Radio Network from the Champs Elysee with some cool tunes and a little Franglais mixed in.
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03/23/2008 Happy Easter - 20th Episode
Happy Easter To Everyone. Believe it or not we are 20 episodes into our musical voyage. Hard to believe. This is also the Pre Paris Voyage. That's right our next one will be coming to you direct from Paris France.
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03/20/2008 Missing In Action - Technical Difficulties Solved
Had all of the Flying Eye computers crash so no way to do the show, but we are back. This show was supposed to air 3 weeks ago, so there may be references to things that aren't as they seem.
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02/29/2008 It's A Leap Year Show
Takin care of some requests from around the world, Afghanistan, Australia, North Carolina
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02/22/2008 Somethin to get you goin
Check out the latest installment
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02/14/2008 Valentine's Day 2008
Did not really acknowledge Valentine's Day, but some good stuff. I figured there is enough Valentine's Day crap already out there why pile more on. Happy birthday Kenatells.
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02/07/2008 No Rants This Time, Requests
Email request from down under
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01/30/2008 A Little Ranting, Like The Old Days
I could contain myself no longer. Finally had to go off on our esteemed governor. Good mix of stuff aside from the ranting.
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01/25/2008 A Rain Soaked Tour
It has been raining in sunny So. Cal for 4 days now. Pretty amazing to have a real winter in the southland. Some interesting sets here.
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08/31/2007 A Nice Soothing Mix
Back spinnin the tunes after a brief respite. A smattering of local stuff featuring Sockatuna and the Antiques
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08/14/2007 Live From Lake Havasu City
Welcome to the lake/river. This week we come to you live from Lake Havasu City on the cusp of the Colorado River. Some great river songs.
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08/10/2007 Pre-Havasu Soiree
Great sets of different stuff. Special Surf Report as a new addition. More music from the local folks. Stay tuned for the river broadcast during the week.
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08/03/2007 More Local Spotlights and A Trip to the Ethereal
Some more great local music featuring the Travel Agents, Antiques, Katchabeat and more.. Also a nice long set of ethereal music featuring the Doors and ye olde Grateful Dead
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07/27/2007 Can't Sit Still
This episode is going to make you move your feet. Even the most ardent stick in the mud will be boppin and hoppin as Andrew Styne takes you on a one and a half hour jaunt that will have you tappin your toes for days. Music from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Cake, Grateful Dead, and more, oh so much more.
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07/13/2007 Spotlight on Local Music
This episode provides an eclectic mix of local music featuring Wildsteed, State of Mind, The Blue Stingrays, Sockatuna and much much more.
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