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It's Geno
Geno Michellini's Turntable Hitsbroadcasts right here on the Flying Eye Radio Network playing every color in the musical rainbow.  There was a time when the turntable was king and many of the real musical gems were in the deep recesses of those albums that spun on the platter, and those gems could be heard on stations like KMEL, KOME and KFOG in the San Francisco bay area, and KMET in Los Angeles.  It is what FM radio once was, and will never be again. You say you want to Bang the Drum! Have no fear Geno is here, and he is back with a vengeance.  If you listen to the music you get the feeling Geno takes you on a journey, and guides you through the moods and feelings that each and every song or set of songs can evoke.  Did I mention you can start every weekend festivity by Banging The Drum, and laughter thereapy with the Flying Eye Funnies.  Real funnies, the way they should be heard, uncensored, just like Geno. What better way to end your week?!?!
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